LIVE Audio



A passion for great sound.

Sound is my world, working with audio is the only thing I ever wanted to do with my life.  I've been blessed with the opportunity to do this as a career for the last 25 years in three areas.  I love them all equally and they all have their own unique challenges.

The desire to create sounds that have never been heard before and put sounds together in a way that pulls an audience into the story and immerses them in a world they've never been to before, or maybe explore their own world in a way they've never seen before is a fantastic privilege.  This is what we do in audio post production.  After dozens and dozens of successful projects, and even some awards along the way.

Field mixing is all about capturing moments, slices in time that can never come back, in ways that allow the audience to re-live them.  The challenges of the environments, the fact that there is no rewind button, and difficult situations make this one of the most surprisingly challenging and rewarding tasks in the audio industry.

Live sound is one of the few experiences in audio where you get to experience

the moments with the audience. You can feel the energy and as the audio

engineer you participate in the most unique way.  With the entire show at

your fingertips for the entire duration, it's a massive responsibility

that is it's own reward.



AUDIO Post Production

Sound Design:

From the most subtle detail design to large impact creating an experience that's new and exciting for the viewer is one of the greatest thrills in the field of audio.  Utilizing a large and constantly growing library of tools to build new listening experiences, we have the experience and creativity to differentiate your project from the rest.

Dialogue Editing:

I understand, I've been there, I know what it's like in the field operating under less than ideal circumstances, just trying to make it.  I've got the tools and years of practice, not only making the dialogue work but making it sing.

Rerecording Mixing:

This is where it all comes together, all the hard work, all the sweat, tears, and hard work come together.   I have the experience to make the mix decisions that fit each and every moment in your project.  I have a full working studio on call 24/7.  Careful attention to design details and industry standard tools like Pro Tools, Nuendo, and Izotope RX come standard.



FIELD Audio Mixing

Field audio mixing:

Having the right person in the field can make all the difference.  Someone with experience in a variety of situations, someone cool under pressure, someone fun to work with, someone with the technical skills to bring back audio that the post department loves to work with.  These are the things that make my field skills stand out from the crowd.  I have a full equipment kit capable of anything from basic ENG set ups to the most complex multi-cam, multi-channel situations.


LIVE Audio

Live Audio:

With thousands of shows under my belt, I'm comfortable as A1 on large shows.  Lots of cues, impossible mix situations, I have the years of experience to handle the pressure.  Certifications include Dante Level 3, Meyer Sound SIM, L'Acoustics systems, and SynAudCon.  Very comfortable with networked audio distribution technologies.  Extensive experience with today’s high end digital console mix environments. I have a significant experience mixing in-ear monitors and designing systems.  I have years of experience leading teams of professionals, creating memorable shows.




Located in the Orlando Florida area Accustomed to travel